Why Historic Venues Make the Most Memorable Weddings

Vault 634 is a luxurious event venue in Allentown, Pennsylvania, located within the historic Lehigh Valley Trust Building. Built in 1911, the landmark space features a stunning stained-glass ceiling the length of the great hall below, marble floors, hand-laid plasters, golden accents and countless other irreplicable intricate details. The venue’s showcase pieces, beautiful handcrafted vaults, are brought back to life with a renewed purpose to house memories of intimate moments and special occasions rather than the monies and personal treasures they were designed for.

Thousands have walked through the halls of this stately building, whether for banking in its hay day or celebrating a wedding or event in modern times. Vault 634 has what feels like an unlimited amount of historic charm, keeping the roots of Allentown at its core and celebrating its history by displaying relics of the building’s past throughout the space. With the way historic buildings were built to last, it’s no wonder why people seek out these gems to lay the foundation for a strong marriage as they celebrate their wedding.

Unparalleled Architecture and Grandeur

Many historic wedding venues feature stunning architecture and craftsmanship that can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos – Vault 634 is no exception. Grand staircases, ornate details, and timeless designs contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. Historic venues need little décor, as their architecture and one-of-a-kind details do all the talking. Vault 634 combines timeless opulence with all the luxuries of a modern venue to create a canvas for unforgettable occasions.

Storytelling and Rich History

Historic wedding venues have character and charm that newer venues may lack. The patina of age, unique details, and the sense of time can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your special day. Vault 634 aims to uphold the charm of not only the building, but also Allentown in general. The shimmering chandeliers you see are from Hess’s Department Store, once a booming retailer on Hamilton Street. Below the great hall, The Fritz Speakeasy tells the venue’s story through historic photographs lining the walls and Allentown artifacts peppered on bookcases and enclosed behind glass curio cabinets.

Boutique Atmosphere

Unlike trendy modern venues, historic wedding venues often have a timeless quality that transcends passing fads. The memories created and photos taken at your wedding will be effortlessly timeless and enduring. Historic wedding venues, like Vault 634, exude a distinct and charming atmosphere that can add a special touch to your wedding. The architecture, decor, and overall ambiance offers an elegant and unique backdrop for your special day.

Venue Exclusivity

Due to smaller space and not originally built to host events, historic wedding venues often have a limited number of events they host, providing a sense of exclusivity. This can make your wedding feel more intimate and special. At Vault 634, we host only one wedding per day to guarantee each client full-venue exclusivity and the undivided attention of our entire team of event specialists.

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