Vault 634 Announces Secret Society

The Fritz is a classic Chicago-style speakeasy located underneath the Great Hall at Vault 634; the bar and lounge is decorated with all manners of Allentown lore designed to celebrate the city’s history. In an effort to introduce new entertainment amenities to Allentown’s growing downtown, Vault 634 will be launching a secret society, “The Directorate”, to ensure non-wedding and event clients have an opportunity to experience the speakeasy environment on programmed nights throughout the month.

“The underground space of the former Lehigh Valley Trust Co. building, built in 1886, previously housed vaults containing safety deposit boxes, Jaindl said. Rooms were overhauled to include exposed brick walls, coffered ceilings, recessed lighting, wooden bookshelves, drink rails and more.”

The Directorate members will have full access to a range of monthly special events, including City Socials, live music, spirit tastings, and more. Details about membership will be announced shortly.

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