The Sustainability and Conservation Efforts Behind Vault 634

Vault 634, once home of the Lehigh Valley Trust Company, has been a landmark on Hamilton Street in Allentown for over a century. As the city blocks continue to develop, evolve and change Allentown’s skyline, Vault 634 has remained a constant on Hamilton Street, its grand architectural exterior a reminder of Allentown’s past and its interior renovations a modern twist on historic charm. To keep the historic charm in Vault 634 takes special talent and a passion for history, which is why Jaindl Properties took charge in renovations. When you take a step into the building, you take a step back into the past.

Hess Crystal Chandeliers

Hess Brothers Department Store transformed from a regional player to a shopping destination known around the world. Celebrities made appearances every Saturday, there was an annual flower show that rivaled any show in NYC, and chandeliers were brought in from France to add even more elegance to the shopping experience. These chandeliers were so beautiful and bright, they provided heat in a building that had been pieced together by years of expansion. It was an era of growth and optimism in Allentown.

Although the Hess Department store was demolished in 2000, the memories of this iconic structure and what it meant to Allentown remain with the residents of the Lehigh Valley forever, as will eight of the Hess Chandeliers. Within the walls of Vault 634, couples and their guests are greeted with the same stunning hand-cut crystals that shoppers were once greeted with down the street at the famous Hess’s.

hess chandeliers

The Vault Signature Bar

In the Great Hall, you will find the Vault Signature Bar, which was once home to the bank’s main vault. The intricately detailed door was crafted in Hershey, Pennsylvania and brought to Vault 634 via a horse-drawn carriage. This vault door has been preserved and is original to the building.

People Delivering a Vault Door to The Lehigh Valley Trust Building

The Safety Deposit Box Room

Located downstairs lives The Fritz Speakeasy. Every nook and cranny of the space is filled with history. When you look at the walls, you find pictures of old Allentown. There’s also a favorite “hidden” spot – the safety deposit box room. This is the perfect backdrop for moody wedding pictures. We have almost all of the keys in hand that are able to lock and unlock them just as they were intended for.

Chloe and Matt in Vault

It’s In the Details

Every detail matters. When we say Vault 634 is full of history that you might not even see, we mean it. We have repurposed a check table that now lives in our side entrance for multiple uses – check-ins, decoration, for table cards, and more! Another more hidden spot is in the kitchen. Atop of one of our fridges, there’s “Lehigh Valley Trust” engraved in stainless steel on the wall. When you walk around, you will find curio cabinets filled with beautiful relics that help us keep the history behind the structure.

Vault 634 stands as a testament to Allentown’s history. The building encapsulates the grandeur of the past, from the Hess Crystal Chandeliers to the original bank vault door. Each detail, from repurposed check tables to hidden relics, serves as an ode to the city’s evolution. Vault 634 not only embraces its historical charm but also ensures its legacy lives on, creating a unique space where the echoes of Allentown’s past resonate with every visitor. It stands not just as a venue but as a living link between the city’s rich heritage and its vibrant future.

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