The Story Behind The Lehigh Valley Trust Building

The Lehigh Valley Trust Building, home to Vault 634, stands not only as a physical structure but as a living testament to the rich history and cultural significance that defines Allentown. With over a century of existence, this landmark, originally the home of Lehigh Valley Trust, has undergone meticulous renovations by Jaindl Properties, showcasing a deep commitment to preserving the city’s architectural heritage.

1886: The Founding

The Lehigh Valley Trust Company emerges in the beating heart of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Fueled by a commitment to quality, the company wastes no time envisioning a headquarters that mirrors its dedication to excellence.

1911: Open for Business

The Lehigh Valley Trust Building opens its doors for the first time, introducing a new level of quality design to Allentown’s classic architectural landscape.

The Lehigh Valley Trust Building in 19821932: Holding Strong

The Lehigh Valley Trust Company remains strong during the Great Depression, and in the process, becomes a symbol of hope and prosperity in the Queen City.

1968: The Merge

The Lehigh Valley Trust Company merges with Jenkintown Bank and rebrands as “Industrial Valley Bank”. They remain headquarters in the heart of Allentown.

1988: Closing The Doors

Industrial Valley Bank closes the doors to 634 W Hamilton Street for the last time. As the doors close, this marks the end of an era. However, hope flickers as Mr. Siegfried Braun steps forward from Flemington, New Jersey, purchasing and preserving the historical gem.

1998: For Sale

Mr. Braun sells the property, which sits vacant in the heart of Allentown. Used primarily for storage, its dormant state becomes a canvas awaiting the touch of transformation.

2004: SOLD

A new era unfolds as Mark and Zachary Jaindl, of Jaindl Properties, purchase the Lehigh Valley Trust Building. The property immediately undergoes preliminary restoration efforts to set the stage for a grand revival.

2017: Restoration Begins

An eight-month restoration effort begins in September. With a $5 million investment, the historic property undergoes a transformation, emerging as Vault 634 – the region’s premier venue, a harmonious blend of history and modern allure.

Vault 634 Renovation2018: Vault 634 Roars to Life

The Lehigh Valley Trust Building roars to life as the newly renovated Vault 634. The building stands not just as a venue but as a living narrative, an architectural masterpiece ready to host spectacular events that will echo through the corridors of time.

Vault 634 in 2022

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