Vault 634 Hosts “Last Look” Event

Mark and Zachary Jaindl held a “Last Look” ceremony of the historic Lehigh Valley Trust Building before restoration formally commences. While the historic property’s timeless architectural elements will be preserved and restored, many modern amenities will be installed to ensure the boutique venue meets the requirements for a luxury event venue.

“Mark and Zachary Jaindl, father and son co-founders of Jaindl Enterprises, in 2004 bought the site for $325,000 from developer Abe Atiyeh. Zachary Jaindl said a series of market studies were then conducted to determine the property’s highest and best use, which resulted in the idea of a wedding and event venue.”

The historic building will reopen its doors as Vault 634, a luxury, boutique event venue, in May 2018.

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