Kate & Brad


Images Captured By Kate Duffy Photography

Kate and Brad’s story unfolded with classic tones and modern twists. The couple read their vows in front of close family and friends underneath the softly glowing skylight. They brought the halls of the historic venue to life with a surprised coordinated dance that kicked off a party they would never forget.

“I cannot say enough great things about both the venue and the wonderful staff! Our wedding day was a fairytale, and that was all thanks to the team of Vault 634.”
– Kate, Happy Bride

Why Vault 634
One-of-a-kind venue
Favorite Guest Reaction
Our parents' reaction to our “surprise” coordinated first dance.
Favorite Bite Of The Night
Crab cakes
Favorite Drink of the Night
Favorite Moment of the Day
Sitting at our sweetheart table, looking around the room at our close family and friends, just taking it all in.
Kate And Brad By Window With Hess Chandelier
Kate And Brad Wedding Ceremony
Kate And Brad First Kiss
Kate And Brad On South Mezzanine
Kate And Brad Wedding Portrait
Kate And Brad Introduction
Kate Father-Daughter Dance
Brad Mother-Son Dance
Kate And Brad Dance Floor
Kate And Brad Hora Dance

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